IGLOO MRT-8 Styring

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Temperature controller used mostly in refrigeration equipment of the conventional or forced circulation heat transfer and the conventional defrost, hot vapors, or heaters. One of the device’s outputs enable control of a seperate heating systems independent of the cooling system. Controller allowes to control work of generator, lighting, evaporator fan, condenser fan, solenoid valve or heaters and three other outputs. Instrument is designed for rail mounting, and thanks to that can be mounted in various types of switchgear enclosure unassisted or in combination with other electrical devices

Controller is equipped with:

– the switch for the generator,

– the light switch,

– the button for manual release of defrost cycle,

– temperature gauge,

– adjusting keyboard.

Inputs: 2/3 x PTC

Range: -40 ~ 99°C

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1.080,00 kr. Ekskl. moms


Time to protect the maximum defrost length:
Length of measuring sensors:
Normally 3,2m
Number of sensors:
2 or 3
Sensor/s in the set:
Load rating of the heater relay / defrost solenoid:
10A 250V AC
Load rating of the heating circuit relay:
10A 250V AC
The load capacity of the lighting relay contacts:
10A 250V AC
Load capacity of the cooling relay contact:
30A 250V AC
Load capacity of the fan relay:
10A 250V AC
IP Protection:
Ambient temperature:
5…. 40 °C
Operating humidity:
Range of working time until defrosting:
Hysteresis control cooling range:
Heating control hysteresis range:
Defrost end temperature range:
1…. 30 °C
Zakres temperatur sterowania dodatkowym układem grzejnym:
0…99 °C
Cooling temperature control range:
-40… 30 °C
Temperature range of alarm signaling on sensor No. 1:
-40…99 °C
Temperature range of alarm signaling on sensor No. 3:
30…99 °C
Power source:
230V AC 10%-15%


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